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There’s a big world of flavors out there, and we’re not afraid to explore ‘em! Our stock is always changing, so contact us for current offerings.

We've made over 70 different flavors on a rotating basis—that's one of the fun parts about following our carts! Some flavors come and go just once a year (looking at you, Sweetcorn and Blackberry!) and some are considered 'signature flavors' that you can find most of the year. (All hail Salted Watermelon!)

Usually, we have about 5-10 flavors available at any one time. We'll always try our best to find the flavors you want, but sometimes we don’t have everything listed on the website, so don't be sad—it's your chance to try something new!

Pete’s Pops began as a fun idea and a commitment to start a side project. Pete just wanted to be a “chill pop dude” (his words) and make and sell interesting ice pops—the first company tagline—out of a pushcart during Milwaukee summers.

Things are a bit different now; we’ve got a whole bunch of carts roaming Wisconsin, a permanent production facility, a shiny storefront located on Vliet Street, and a minty Pop Shed located in Bay View. Our purpose is to bring pops n’ positivity everywhere we go. If you see our carts around town, see us at your event, stumble across the Bay View Pop Shed, or drive past a giant yellow popsicle sign on Vliet Street, please stop and try a pop. We think you’ll see that we’re all about creative flavors and spreading good vibes with each pop.

What are we?

Pop biz founded in 2014

Where do we sell?

We go all over Milwaukee/Wisconsin to farmer's markets, street festivals, random corners, catered events, and more!

Is there a permanent location?

Yes! We produce everything by hand at our production facility location at 3809 W. Vliet in Milwaukee and you can also visit us on-site at The Pop Window. You can also visit The Pop Shed in Bay View (916 E. Russell) and at our new West Allis location on 71st and Rodgers!

What are the Pop Window hours?

Our winter hours are 11-3 every Saturday at our Vliet Street location! Bay View, West Allis, and Sneaky Pete’s will be back in 2022! You can also email us at [email protected] to arrange an off season order today!

How do we find the carts?

The best way is to follow us on social media: @petespops on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Or just look for the rainbow umbrella!

Want to give us a suggestion, ask a question, or invite us to your event?
Please email us at [email protected]

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